What are your financial priorities and do you have a plan to achieve these goals? We take the time to understand your needs and priorities to ensure that we create a solid financial plan that can be used as the backbone of reaching your financial goals. This financial plan will serve as a guide for short and long term financial goals from saving for your first home to retirement planning to mitigating risks that could hurt your financial health.


Whether it's saving for your first home or retirement, we help you figure out what it takes to achieve your goals. We do this by structuring your investments in a tax efficient manner taking into account your risk tolerance, time horizon and realistic cash flow. We create custom solutions utilizing tax free savings account (TFSA), registered retirement savings plans (RRSP) and non-registered assets to reach these goals.


Life is unpredictable and there are situations that can affect your cash flow. We incorporate insurance solutions to protect and safeguard your income. Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance can be used effectively to keep your financial plan on track and decrease financial stress at times when you need it most.


Are you looking for your children to have the opportunity to attend post secondary school? With our help, we can put together and education fund to take care of education expenses.

There are different stages to retirement planning, from accumulation to withdrawl. We can help you with both. During your income earning years, we help determine how much you need to save to reach your retirement goals and use tax sheltered vehicles such as RRSP's, TFSA's and insurance. In retirement, we help you structure and withdraw income from your assets to ensure you have enough after tax dollars to live comfortably.

For many businesses, a loss at work to any kind of an event – whether it is a minor accident or something far more tragic – can be devastating to your business. It can leave you understaffed and overwhelmed, and make business far more difficult to run on a day-to-day basis until they return or are replaced. Whatever the problem your are dealing with, we can help create a plan that gives you an opportunity to save on tax through corporate insurance and succession planning.

WEATLH ACCUMULATON – How to access retained earning
As business owners, we understand that retained earnings are great. It means the business is profitable. The challenge is how to access the money without incurring a large tax bill. We have been working with business owners for over 30 years specializing in strategies that help our clients increase their personal net worth and minimize their liability exposure.

We work with a variety of clients including professionals, executives, business families and wealth holders. We develop customized financial road maps to ensure client have the capital required to fund their estate objectives, while working to minimize tax implications. Our goal is to optimize your estate based on your long term goals and create a footprint for the next generation that will ensure the wealth you have created is passed on as intended.

Many clients we take on, own private businesses with owners that have worked hard over many years to build these enterprises. Typically, entrepreneurs want their companies to continue once they decide to retire, or if they pass away. We consider all the factors in order to ensure business succession is structured in such a way that provides the most tax and cost effective solutions; contributing to a confident transition of your business.

Mitigating risk is our focus. Oftentimes business owners aren’t aware of improperly formulated shareholder resolutions. Simple enticing instruments, such as a retention bonus, can be implemented quite easily to maintain key employees, is another example as part of our planning initiative we look into all areas to ensure the company is not at risk.